Dragons Rage Game Is Now On Mac

We have released the Mac OS X version of our Dragons Rage game.

Game controls were change to make game playable on desktop. Use left and right arrow buttons to rotate and spacebar to breathe fire. To pick bonus items simply rotate the dragon towards them and wait while they are being picked.

Game is available in Mac App Store.

Dragons Rage Game Released

We proudly present our first big project. Addictive arcade game for iPhone and iPad is now available for purchase in the App Store.

The game is about evil dragon on his quest to conquer the Kingdom. Defeat the hordes of villagers, knights and guardians with the fire breath. Rotate your dragon with accelerometer. Special bonus stages feature the microphone based fire breath control.

More details are available on official Dragons Rage page.

This was a long path, but finally the game is out. Try it and you are going to like it. Get it from App Store.

Dragons Rage 2

Addictive medieval action arcade game with simple controls, attractive graphics and intense arcade-style game play.

Dragons Rage for Mac

Fire burning arcade game about angry dragon for Mac OS X.